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Profiles for the Kemper® Profiler. 
Made in Germany.


Profiles of the famous and legendary british tube amp. Jimmy loved it. So you will.

Kemper® Profiles - THE RED

Kemper® Amp Profiles. THE RED. Look no further for searching one of the best hot rodded british amp-profiles around. Hot, bluesy, raw and dirty Kemper Profiles (Profiler Operation System 5.0 and up is needed.) You get 24 Merged and also 14 Direct profiles. I tried to replicate the sound of my beloved HOT Marshall® 1987X 50 W - Jimmy Hendrix - Reissue 1992. Cranked it up to earshaking loudness. No bedroom profiling dudes! These are profiles with real power-amp distortion! About the Red: it's a british amp I bought 1992 and has a custom modification to 2 channels (Clean and Dirty) and the dirty one is really special. Over the years it got its own sound and I always dreamed of having it as a digital device. Now the dream came true. Thank you Christoph Kemper! So this amp has 'em all and I only catched the best sounds for you with my own and special profiling-method (I dont share btw :-D) Cabinet is a custom 2x12" Cab with Greenbacks. I used different techniques and special post-processing to archive this "Mix-Ready" Kemper-Profiles. But that is not all! This Pack comes also with complete FX Presets per rig! Every Profile has effects and settings for all FX Slots and I also assigned everything for the Kemper Remote! So I did everything for you. You'll get everything ready to rock! So....what are you waiting for?



Profiles of a 36W German tube amp. Thick fat tones are waiting for you!

Kemper® Profiles - THE BLUE

67 Kemper® Amp Profiles - Full Pack available.
All Profile-Sounds made with a H&K Tubemeister36 - All channels - Different pedals - Hot thick sound!